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Sep 06
Unraveling the Importance of Deed of Assignment in Nigerian Real Estate

In the world of Nigerian real estate, amid the buzz of Certificates of Occupancy (CofO) and Excisions, there exists a seemingly unassuming document that plays a pivotal role in property acquisition and ownership—the Deed of Assignment. This oft-overlooked document holds a treasure trove of information about the history of land and its transfer from one […]

Aug 27
Unveiling the Importance of CofO and Related Property Documents

 Understanding CofO Documents Beyourlandlord Exploring the Foundation of Property Ownership: CofO and Beyond Delving into the realm of property ownership in Nigeria, it’s imperative to grasp the pivotal documents that validate your ownership and shield your investment. One such pivotal document is the Certificate of Ownership (CofO), frequently accompanied by other pertinent certificates like the […]