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Exploring Magodo Phase 2: A Prime Real Estate Haven Near Lagos

Magodo Phase 2 Exploration
Magodo Phase 2 Exploration

Welcome to Magodo Phase 2, a thriving residential enclave situated at Shangisha Ketu, just beyond the Otedola Link Bridge from Berger on CMD Road. Nestled in the heart of Lagos, this neighborhood offers a unique blend of luxury living and strategic location.

Magodo Phase 2 is characterized by stunning semi-detached duplexes priced between ₦200,000,000 and ₦250,000,000, as well as elegant 4 and 5-bedroom detached duplexes ranging from ₦300,000,000 to ₦350,000,000. For those looking to rent, 2-bedroom apartments are available for ₦1,800,000 to ₦2,500,000.

Magodo Phase 2 Exploration
Fully Detached Duplex
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3 bedroom flats for rent

One of the key features of Magodo Phase 2 is its convenient access to major hubs. Passengers not residing in the area typically use the Shangisha Gate, while residents enter through the front entrance on CMD Road. The neighborhood’s proximity to Ikeja ensures easy connectivity to Lagos’ business and commercial center.

Despite its allure, Magodo Phase 2 faced challenges in the past, including disputes with the government and local landowners known as “Omo Onile.” However, these concerns have been addressed, with the government settling the disputes and allocating a significant portion of land at the extended backside of Magodo.

Investors are capitalizing on this resolution, fueling a surge in development projects within the area. The CMD Road, while providing a direct route, can be congested during peak hours, especially in the morning rush to work.

The real estate landscape in Magodo Phase 2 is evolving, attracting buyers and investors seeking prime locations. The neighborhood offers a perfect blend of tranquility, modern architecture, and investment potential. As the area undergoes further development, it presents a compelling opportunity for those looking to secure their place in Lagos’ thriving real estate market.Magodo Phase 2 Exploration Beyourlandlord investors

Magodo Phase 2 Exploration


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