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5-Bedroom Detached Duplex Maryland

Elevate Your Lifestyle

Experience the pinnacle of luxury with BeYourLandlord's pride – a truly magnificent 5-bedroom fully detached duplex located in the prestigious neighborhood of Maryland, Lagos.


Decadent Features for Luxurious Living

Elegance in Every Detail

Discover opulence in this impeccably finished masterpiece that radiates elegance. The stamp concrete floor resonates sophistication while ensuring durability.


Culinary Excellence

Indulge your culinary passions in a fully fitted kitchen, where modern functionality and aesthetics merge seamlessly.


Immersive Audio Experience

The integrated audio system elevates your living experience, enveloping your space with your favorite tunes.


Relaxation Redefined

Green Tranquility

Experience the serenity of a green area, a haven of tranquility amidst the urban bustle.


Shared Moments

A dedicated dining area invites you to relish family meals, creating cherished memories.


Staircase Marvel

The astonishing stairs woodwork becomes a focal point, showcasing craftsmanship that leaves a lasting impression.


Security and Comfort

Lighting Brilliance

Automated gorgeous lighting creates an ambiance that adapts to your mood and enhances the beauty of your space.


Family Bonding

The family lounge provides a space for relaxation and connection, enriching your family life.


Spacious Bliss

Enjoy spacious living areas that provide room for both entertainment and solace.


Luxury in Every Corner

Gateway of Security

Step through the solid security door, embracing the confidence of a secure home.


Elegance in Storage

Beautifully fitted wardrobes combine functionality and beauty, enhancing your daily routine.

Elevated Comfort

Luxury sanitary wares adorn your bathrooms, turning every moment into a spa-like experience.


Prime Location, Unparalleled Luxury

Nestled in Security

This duplex resides within a secure estate, offering not just luxury but peace of mind.


Thriving Neighborhood

Experience the greatness of a thriving neighborhood, where convenience and community coexist.


Your Journey to Luxury Starts Here

Claim Your Haven

Seize the opportunity to own this exquisite 5-bedroom fully detached duplex for a price of N260M. Elevate your life with luxury and comfort.


Experience the Extraordinary

Ready to experience the extraordinary? Schedule a viewing today to witness the grandeur that awaits you. Let BeYourLandlord guide you to a future of magnificence – a 5-bedroom fully detached duplex in Maryland, Lagos. Your journey to luxury is just beginning.

Own Your Tomorrow!

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