Stylish Living, Prime Location
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Stylish Living, Prime Location

Discover a new level of affordable elegance with BeYourLandlord's offering – a standard mini flat with 2 toilets and 2 bathrooms. Finished with exquisite pop details, this flat strategically located at Ikeja Alausa.

This modern mini flat is designed for convenience and comfort. This feature a thoughtful layout that includes 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets. The finishing touches, including the stylish pop design, add a touch of contemporary flair. It is a charming space to call home.

Situated at Ikeja Alausa, this property is perfectly positioned to offer the best of urban living. The bustling energy of Alausa Ikeja complements the serene living environment, providing a perfect balance for residents seeking both vibrancy and tranquility.

BeYourLandlord presents flexibility in pricing to accommodate different preferences. The up floor unit is available for rent at N1.2 million, while the ground floor unit offers a slightly more affordable option at N1.1 million. Both options guarantee you a modern living space that seamlessly blends functionality and style.

Beyond the rent, BeYourLandlord ensures transparency with additional fees. The annual maintenance fee of 150k covers shared amenities and upkeep, ensuring the property remains in pristine condition. Legal fees stand at N200k, agency fees at N200k, and a refundable caution fee of N100k. All efforts making your move-in process smooth and straightforward.

For those seeking a residence that embodies modern living in a prime location, this mini flat in Ikeja Alausa is the perfect choice. BeYourLandlord strives to not only provide homes but to curate living spaces that enrich your lifestyle.

The uniqueness of this offering extends beyond the property itself. BeYourLandlord, as a comprehensive real estate solution, stands out as a trusted name in land and house sales, property management, and construction services. We reflect our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our offerings, ensuring you experience quality in every transaction.

Seize the opportunity to embrace stylish living at an affordable price. Contact BeYourLandlord today to schedule a viewing and secure your spot in this modern mini flat at Ikeja Alausa – where elegance meets affordability.

Stylish Living, Prime Location

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