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Ikeja GRA Luxury Homes

Indulge in the epitome of opulence at our magnificent 4-bed terrace and penthouse residence nestled in the heart of Ikeja GRA. Beyond conventional, these homes redefine luxury living, offering an array of amenities that cater to every aspect of a sophisticated lifestyle.

Architectural Marvel: Embark on a journey through outstanding and unconventional architecture, where every detail is thoughtfully curated. From the grandeur of the spacious living areas to the astonishing woodwork, each element reflects a commitment to excellence.

Elevate Your Every Day: Enjoy the convenience of an elevator that effortlessly connects each floor, ensuring a seamless transition between the ground and the mesmerizing rooftop terraces. These elevated spaces offer panoramic views, making them ideal for both relaxation and social gatherings.

Recreation Redefined: Escape to a world of leisure with a private swimming pool and a fully equipped gym within the secure estate. The green area provides a serene oasis, harmonizing with the great neighborhood that surrounds this exclusive residence.

Luxury in Every Detail: Experience opulence in every corner, from the integrated audio system to the super-spacious master's bedroom. The study, carport, and luxury sanitary ware add practicality and sophistication to the modern luxury appurtenances throughout.

Flexible Living Options: Choose between the luxurious terraces priced at N270 million or the pinnacle of luxury with the penthouse at N350 million. Each unit is a testament to bespoke design and offers a unique living experience.

Beyourlandlord Assurance: As your trusted real estate partner, Beyourlandlord guarantees a smooth homebuying experience. Our commitment to excellence is reflected not just in the properties we present but in the lifestyle they afford.

Ikeja GRA Luxury Homes

  • Area
    1200 m2
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