For Sale 4-Bedroom in Ajah
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For Sale 4-Bedroom in Ajah

Embrace a lifestyle of unparalleled luxury with our latest offering – a 4-bedroom jumbo duplex with a BQ in the vibrant neighborhood of Ajah, Lagos. BeYourLandlord presents a residence that marries astonishing modern appurtenances with impeccable finishing and contemporary architecture.

As you enter, be greeted by an inviting ante room that sets the stage for the grandeur that unfolds within. The stunning woodwork throughout the house adds an alluring touch, complemented by gorgeous lightings that create a perfect ambiance. The inbuilt audio system transforms every space into a symphony of comfort.

This jumbo duplex boasts a beautiful fitted kitchen that caters to both aesthetics and functionality. Stairway lights guide you through the impeccable finishing. The way leads to all en-suite rooms , ensuring privacy and comfort for every member of the household.

Experience the allure of a green area, a sanctuary within your own home, providing a retreat from the hustle and bustle. A family lounge offers a cozy space for shared moments, creating a sense of warmth and togetherness.

Priced at 110 million, this property not only offers a stunning residence but also places you in a great neighborhood in Ajah. Immerse yourself in the charm of a community that thrives with convenience and a welcoming atmosphere.

BeYourLandlord goes beyond selling properties; we are your partners in crafting a dream lifestyle. The inclusion of a boy's quarters ensures that your home is not just a space but a complete haven for your family.

Invest in a home where every detail is carefully curated to provide an extraordinary living experience. Contact BeYourLandlord today to secure your place in this epitome of modern luxury in Ajah, Lagos.


For Sale 4-Bedroom in Ajah

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    320 m2
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