5-Bedroom in magodo phase 2
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5-Bedroom in magodo phase 2

Discover a life of absolute luxury in our prestigious 5-bedroom fully detached home with BQ, strategically located in Magodo Phase 2, Shangisha. As you step into this residence, you're greeted by outstanding luxury appurtenances, reflecting a commitment to excellence and quality living.

The modern contemporary architecture is a visual feast, seamlessly combining aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. The fully equipped kitchen is a culinary haven, while ample parking ensures your convenience. An inviting ante room sets the stage for the grandeur within, leading to a family lounge designed for relaxation and connection.

Nature lovers will appreciate the thoughtfully landscaped green area, providing a serene escape within the confines of your home. An integrated audio system fills each space with music, creating an atmosphere of luxury. The car port, luxury lightings, and security doors are all meticulously chosen to enhance your living experience.

Step onto the open terrace to enjoy breathtaking views and fresh air. Every bathroom is adorned with luxury sanitary wares, adding a touch of sophistication. For added convenience, a Boys' Quarters offers privacy and additional space.

Rest easy in the secure estate of Magodo Phase 2, surrounded by a great neighborhood of like-minded individuals. This property is more than a home; it's a statement of refined living.

Make Magodo Luxury Living your reality. Explore the epitome of elegance, comfort, and security. Priced at N370 million, this residence is an investment in a lifestyle of distinction.

Elevate your lifestyle with Beyourlandlord - your gateway to exclusive living. Welcome home to Magodo Luxury Living!

Key Features:

Outstanding Luxury Appurtenances: Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury with meticulously chosen materials and finishes that define every corner of this residence.

Modern Contemporary Architecture: A harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, the property showcases the finest in contemporary design, setting it apart as a true architectural gem.

Fully Equipped Kitchen: The heart of the home is a chef's dream, boasting a kitchen that seamlessly integrates style and functionality with a full array of equipment.

Ample Parking: Convenience meets extravagance with a spacious parking area that caters to the needs of residents and guests alike.

Ante Room: The grand entrance sets the tone for the lavish experience that awaits within, creating a welcoming ambiance.

Family Lounge: Unwind in style in the family lounge, a perfect space for quality time with loved ones.

Green Area: Connect with nature within the confines of your home with a meticulously landscaped green area that adds a touch of serenity.

Integrated Audio System: Elevate your living experience with an integrated audio system that brings music and entertainment to every corner of your home.

Car Port: Protect your vehicles from the elements with a stylish car port that complements the overall design.

Luxury Lightings: Illuminate your living spaces with the finest in luxury lighting fixtures, creating an ambiance that reflects your taste.

Security Doors: We prioritize your safety; rest assured that our top-of-the-line security doors offer peace of mind.

Open Terrace: Enjoy panoramic views and fresh air from the open terrace, a perfect spot for relaxation.

Luxury Sanitary Wares: Indulge in the comfort of luxurious sanitary wares that add a touch of sophistication to every bathroom.

Boys' Quarters: Convenience meets functionality with a separate Boys' Quarters for added privacy and space.

Secure Estate: Nestled in a secure estate, this property ensures the safety and well-being of its residents.

Great Neighborhood: Join a community of discerning individuals in a great neighborhood that complements your lifestyle.

5-Bedroom in magodo phase 2

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