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Unraveling the Importance of Deed of Assignment in Nigerian Real Estate

In the world of Nigerian real estate, amid the buzz of Certificates of Occupancy (CofO) and Excisions, there exists a seemingly unassuming document that plays a pivotal role in property acquisition and ownership—the Deed of Assignment. This oft-overlooked document holds a treasure trove of information about the history of land and its transfer from one owner to another. In this blog post, we will unravel the importance of the Deed of Assignment and its relevance in the intricate landscape of Nigerian real estate.

What is a Deed of Assignment?

A Deed of Assignment is a legal document that formally transfers the ownership of a piece of land or property from one party to another. While it may appear less powerful than the CofO or Excision, it is, in fact, a crucial stepping stone towards securing these stronger titles.

Understanding Its Significance

The Deed of Assignment, often overshadowed by more illustrious titles, serves as the linchpin in the process of property ownership. Here’s why it matters:

  1. History and Ownership: The Deed of Assignment meticulously records the history of the land, tracing its ownership lineage. It answers questions like, who owned it before, and how has it changed hands over the years? This historical perspective is indispensable in verifying the legitimacy of the property.
  2. Survey Acquisition: When you decide to purchase a property, one of the critical steps is obtaining a survey plan. This plan details the property’s boundaries and dimensions, crucial for construction and development. However, acquiring a survey plan often hinges on the existence of a Deed of Assignment. Without it, the survey may be challenging, if not impossible, to obtain.
  3. Title Upgrade: If you aspire to elevate your property’s title to a CofO or Excision, having a Deed of Assignment is a prerequisite. It serves as concrete evidence of your ownership and the legitimacy of the property, paving the way for the acquisition of more robust titles.

The Nigerian Context

In Nigeria, where property transactions can be intricate, having a Deed of Assignment is essential. It provides a clear paper trail of ownership, safeguards your investment, and enables you to secure vital documents like the survey plan. When purchasing property in Nigeria, always ensure you have this document in your possession.

In conclusion, while the Deed of Assignment may seem like a minor cog in the wheel of property ownership, it is, in fact, a linchpin that holds the entire structure together. Its role in documenting the history of land and facilitating the acquisition of crucial documents like surveys cannot be overstated. So, as you embark on your journey to becoming a property owner in Nigeria, remember that sometimes, the most unassuming documents can be the most valuable.

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Deed of Assignment


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